MSME Form 1
7 Jun

MSME Form 1 – All that you need to know


What is the fuss around MSME Form 1?

MCA came with an order dated 22nd Jan 2019 that:


Every Company which has received goods or services from Micro & Small Enterprise


Payment is due/ not paid to such enterprise for 46 days from date of acceptance

Shall file in MSME Form 1


  • Only Micro and Small Enterprise Suppliers are considered. Medium Enterprise suppliers are not considered as per the notification.
  • The 45 days calculation starts from the date of acceptance/deemed acceptance and not from the date the balance becomes due


Who is MSME?

MSME is classified into two categories:

  1. Manufacturing enterprise; and
  2. Service enterprise.

They are defined in term of investment in Plant and Machinery/ Equipment  as below

Manufacturing Enterprises < Rs 25 Lacs < Rs 5 Crs < Rs 10 Crs
Service Enterprises < Rs. 10 Lacs < Rs 2 Crs < Rs 5 Crs


Note: Only registered enterprises having valid MSME certificate shall be considered. Udyog Aadhar is also considered as MSME registration.


What is MSME Form 1?

A Half yearly return to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs stating the following:

  • Name of Supplier,
  • PAN of Supplier
  • Amount Due*
  • Date from which such amount is due
  • Reasons for Delay (Generic) (eg – Credit period>45 days, Goods in Transit, Material rejected/returned, etc)


  • Here the details like amount and date are with respect to the due date and not the date of acceptance.
  • For example, an MSME vendor delivered you goods on 1/12/18. The credit period is 60 days. Hence you have to report this vendor in MSME form 1 since it is more than 45 days as on 22/1/19. However, the amount due would be Nil and date from which such amount is due – 30/01/2019.


What is the due date?

Filing Period Due date of Filing
Initial Return (Payable for more than

45 days as on 22nd Jan 2019)

30th May 2019
From April to September 31st October
From October to March 30th April


Note: Only the first return is an “as on 22nd Jan 2019” return. For regular returns post that, you have to report all the MSME vendors to whom the payment was not made within 45 days from the date of acceptance in the said period.


How do we do it?

Step 1: Go through your list of vendors to whom Payment is due/ not paid for 46 days from date of acceptance

Step 2: Identify the list of vendors you think can be MSME

Step 3: Send them MSME confirmation asking whether they are MSME as on the said date. And if yes, ask them to attach their registration certificate as on the said date

Step 4: Once you receive the certificate, furnish their details in Form MSME -1


Is it Mandatory to file MSME Form 1?


Is there any Penalty?


  • On Nonfilling or
  • On Knowingly furnishes incorrect/ Incomplete Information.


Particulars Penalty

On defaulting company

Extended Up to  Rs. 25,000/-
Every Officer who is in default

(Directors, CFO and CS)

Minimum Fine Rs. 25,000/- which may extend to Rs. 3,00,000/-


Imprisonment which may extend to 6 Months




What if I missed the due date?

Don’t Worry! MCA is currently allowing (as on 6/6/2019) filling of MSME Form 1 – Without Penalty.


What if I missed filling some vendors in the return?

Don’t worry! You can file another return for the same period with the vendors you missed in your earlier return


Is there any software which can easily get MSME confirmation from all Vendors?
The Firmway tool can allow the companies to manage their entire MSME confirmations for one time and recurring return. Just upload a simple excel file with Vendor Name, Email Id and mobile number. The software will automatically trigger email and SMS to every vendor, do a rigorous follow-up and provide a real-time dashboard.

Know more about it –

MCA Notification –

MCA Form Download –



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