About Us

A story that matters

FIRMWAY is the brainchild of two chartered accountants with an entrepreneurial zeal – Prashant Gupta and Vivek Chandan. Their approach and technical skills complement each other to culminate augmented output with success. The duo bring an extensive amount of experience on the table. Thanks to their stint as auditors of various MNCs.

Their urge to enhance credibility of financials, detect and prevent frauds to uphold the interests of the various stakeholders along with their practical knowledge has transpired into a unique resolution of obtaining confirmations.

Confirmations being an important source of authentication for the various stakeholders, the various flaws associated with the manual process had to be mitigated. To ensure a flawless and effortless process of obtaining confirmations, an effective and proficient platform was obligatory – this led to the birth of FIRMWAY. The unique verification process makes it a firm – way of obtaining confirmations, thus aligning the operations with the name.

For the first time in India, a digital platform is being catered to channelize the entire confirmation process.

Steering Firmway manifest this novel idea in the digital space is CA N. Jayendran who oversees the project as a guide and mentor to the young team.


In all the aspects of our business functioning we seek to display some unchanging fundamental principles – Integrity, trustworthiness compiled with innovation, creativity to provide quality services that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed customers


Firmway beholds a vision of creating THE SECURE NETWORK of businesses bringing utmost transparency between the accounting system. The platform will make 2 different company’s accounting softwares interact, reconcile and rectify itself with least manual intervention. This will revolutionize the reconciliation process adding a significant value to the bottom-line of the company.

This revolutionary platform aims to bring highest reliability to corporate’s various stakeholders on their Financials. It will create a safe haven for the shareholders showing the real picture of the company curtailing the frauds. It will transform the lending landscape controlling the ever-lasting problem of NPAs.

It makes blockchain a reality, TODAY!

Meet Our Team

Prashant Gupta

CA Prashant Gupta (Co-founder, CEO)

Prashant has more than 5 years of experience in statutory audit, international taxation and valuation. Has handled audit assignments of listed companies. He is also very fervent about technology. With his capability of converting vision into reality he drives the company.

Vivek chandan

CA Vivek Chandan (CO- founder)

Vivek is a practicing Chartered Accountant. He has 5+ years of experience in field of Auditing & Assurance and has worked with KPMG. He has experienced execution of audits for large corporates. He is well acquainted with the nuances and difficulties associated with the process of obtaining confirmations.

krupal solanki

Krupal Solanki Chief Technology Officer

Krupal is a zealous IT expert who is spearheading the technology of Firmway. An alumni of Symbiosis, he comes with an innate knowledge of technology. Krupal has worked upon various stacks like big data, cloud computing, and web technologies. After a challenging stint with the startup BlazeClan, which honed his raw talent, he started his own venture and has been an integral part of Firmway since it’s inception.

Fanil Zhakariya

Fanil Zakhariya (Director – Operations)

Fanil comes with 5+ years of experience in Statutory Audit, Risk Consulting & Internal Audits. He has handled audit of MNCs and few listed companies. He is pursuing CA & MBA in Business Management. With his business & professional experience he handles Firmway Operations.

Jay savla

CA Jay Savla (Director – Product Management)

Chartered Accountant with 4+ years of experience in financial services profession. He has worked with Mahajan & Aibara, a firm specialised in Internal Audits & Risk Consulting. He possesses in-depth knowledge of the business processes. His technical understanding of the product helps in serving exact needs of the client. He defines the ‘why’, ‘what,’ and ‘when’ of the product.